Friday, July 11, 2008

La Melodia - Vibing High

La Melodia - Vibing High
Release: 2006
Label: Handcuts Records
Genre: hip hop

01 Time Feat.Chance
02 Keep It On
03 Worldwide Connect Feat.Roc C
04 Choice U Make Feat.Gia Mellish
05 Unity
06 Dough
07 Sugar For Me
08 A Part Of Me
09 Vibing High
10 Desire
11 Fell In Love
12 My Word...Get Ready For This
13 South, The
14 Share
15 Outro
16 Keep It On-Fat Jon Remix-
17 Desire -Braille Remix-

*side note - la melodia is a duo made up of Melodee and I.N.T. , you may recgonize Melodee from some albums like Nomaks Calm, and some others. lol just had to get that out...

with that said

For your ears...

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