Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wats good blogspot fam

its me lol with an update finally. just came by to say that im gonna be takin a break from bloggin for a while. its nothin personal its jus my personal computer crashed and i cant upp my albums to yall so when i get that straightend out ill definately be back. theres still alot of good stuff up right now for yall to check out..ight? lol

be cool yall

Thursday, April 9, 2009

VA - Summer Spirits

more dopeness from MIZZARS. drop by and give thanks, cuz i already know hes about to drop anotha one. lol.

chek it

Sound Directions - The Funky Side of Life

Sound Directions - The Funky Side of Life

Release: 2005
Label: Stones Throw
Genre: beats / instrumentals / downbeat

01 Directions
02 Dice Game
03 Wana Vidal
04 Fourty Days
05 Play Car
06 A Divine Image
07 The Funky Side of Life
08 Theme for Ivory Black
09 The Horse
10 One for J.J. (Johnson)
11 On the Hill

for your earss


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VA - With Rainy Eyes

MARS droppin another custom mixxxx. more dopeness for yall, check it.

for your ears...

Friday, March 6, 2009

VA - Mellow Beats, Souls, And Melodies

gots a treat for yall, an awesome supporter of good music and a good friend THE BEST ON MARS made his own dope mixtape with jazzy hip hop music youre sure to recognize. good looks MARS!

more info on the link

for your ears...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


yooo you know when doom drops this album, its gonna be fire..

MARCH 24 09!! mark yo calendar DOOM - BORN LIKE THIS!

already got some preorder links for yall from the good ppl at underground hip hop



Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hey wassup fam,

in an attempt to further support the artists i post on the blog, i will now be posting up links to websites to buy/purchase the album of that artist .sometimes it just feels better to actually hold the vinyl/cd and truly appreciate the music. also, if there is an album that is cd only, i will post the cd link, because i know for a fact that not every album on the blog is on wax. which i personally yea.

- be cool

PS: im gonna post up a poll to see if the majority of you want to see VINYL or CD purchase links. so be aware of that!

Blue Sky Black Death - Late Night Cinema

Blue Sky Black Death - Late Night Cinema
Release: 2008
Label: Babygrande Records
Genre: jazzy hip hop / real hip hop

01 Era When We Sang
02 Lord of Our Vice
03 Ghosts Among Men
04 Private Death
05 Shoot You Dead
06 Listen Child
07 My Work Will Be Done
08 Forgive Me
09 Different Hours
10 All the News Is Bad Again
11 Legacy to Fuel

melllow mellow beats right here.GREAT production sky black death, keep an eye out for them.

for your ears..



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dagha - The Divorce

Dagha - The Divorce
Release: 2008
Label: Lewis Recordings
Genre: jazzy hip hop

01 The Setting
02 Devil's Work
03 Changed Locks
04 My Luck
05 Cliche
06 Playhouse
07 Monogamy
08 A Man's Question
09 She Left
10 Whatever It May Be
11 Try
12 What I'mma Do?
13 Scat
14 Ashy Knees Outro

great theme for valentines day right?! lmao.. anyway to all the ladies, happy valentines day

for your


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Theory Hazit - Extra Credit

Theory Hazit - Extra Credit
Release: 2007
Label: Hip Hop IS Music
Genre: hip hop

01 Lesson In Power
02 Gossip Synopsis
03 Mrs. Hazit
04 Emit Gninrut (Turning Time)
05 I Just Wanna Go Home
06 Dumb Dunces feat. K-Drama
07 Extra Credit
08 Hello Kiddeez
09 T-Minus Ten
10 After School Special feat. Sojourn, Just Me
11 I.O.U. feat. Braille
12 Another Day
13 Decisions feat. Sivion, Holmskillit
14 Out With a Bang feat. Sharlok Poems
15 Ghetto

for your ears...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Michita - Three

shouts to Tenki Sensei for this one

Michita - Three
Release: 2009
Label: Libyus Music
Genre: j-hip hop, jazzy hip hop

01 Melodic
02 クモリナキアメfeat.MEISO
03 BOLT. feat.haiiro
04 A Little While
05 Dandelion feat.Hisomi-TNP,MEISO
07 Free Your Mind feat.nuffty
08 Narrowside 08. Narrowside
09 Be Quiet Mr. feat.将絢(Romancrew)
10 Cosmic Rhapsody feat.S-Sence
11 es-Sense 6 feat.72
12 Bird of Paradise
13 Retara(a white sunday) feat.豊川容子
14 Yukar

third album from j-hip hop producer, michita. lmao, keeps namin his albums in numbers..anyway,

for your ears...



Nomak - muziq and foto

Nomak - muziq and foto
Release: 2009
Label: Huge Soul
Genre: jazzy hip hop

01 introduction
02 the mind
03 for the children
04 ample energy
05 heartistically
06 one soul
07 pure reason
08 moon flow
09 gratitude
10 emanation
11 wind beat
12 conclusion

new stuff from nomak..chek it

for your ears...


A.Y.B. Force - Lost Breaks

A.Y.B. Force - Lost Breaks
Release: 2006
Label: P-Vine JP
Genre: downtempo, breaks

01 Doyouwannasee!?
02 Last Nite Was Da Nite
03 Asanova
04 Sunshine Hair
05 Going, Going, Gone
06 Merry-Go-Round
07 Ultazz
08 A.Y.Boogaloo
09 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 1
10 Breaking Point
11 Wild Pitch
12 Carioca Moon
13 From Darkside
14 Hardboiled
15 Giant Swing
16 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 2
17 Endless Dawn
18 Musica Camp

great sounds and breaks from the ayb force trio. a little old but classic, lots of classic sound in this one. chek it out..especially hardboiled. thats a song you can definately break too, one of my personal favs.

for your ears...

Friday, January 30, 2009

DJ Ryow - Optical Axis

DJ Ryow - Optical Axis
Release: 2009
Label: Octave JP
Genre: jazzy hip hop mix

01 Smooth Current - Introduction
02 Dinner At The Thompson's - Vegas
03 Daily Bread - That's That
04 Y Society - Setting The Example
05 Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Lunchcorner
06 Andrew J & Kaltenecker - Inch
07 Quantic - We Got Soul
08 Jazz Liberator - Music In My Mind Part 2
09 The Dining Rooms - Existentialism (Milano Bossa mix)
10 Thievery Corporation - Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus remix)
11 Zeb - Toe To Toe (original version)
12 Drum Brothers - C2C/Beat Torrent (feat Pfef & Atom - Live & Uncut)
13 Smooth Current - Re: Strain Of Stairs (Unmixed Demo version)
14 Mo' Horizons - Green Day
15 DJ Alibi - One Day
16 DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth Of Cool
17 E Reece & Core Elements - What U Need (Smooth Current remix)
18 Liquid Spirits - If You Don't Love Me (feat Phonte)
19 Liquid Spirits - Stepney
20 Smooth Current - Outro

great great smoooth mix from dj ryow aka smooth current..chek it

for your ears....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cradle Orchestra - Velvet Ballads

Cradle Orchestra - Velvet Ballads
Release: 2009
Genre: jazzzzzyyy hip hop

01 Talk it Out feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
02 All I Want In This World feat. CL Smooth
03 Mountain Top feat. Aloe Blacc
04 Live Forever feat. Black Thought (of The Roots)
05 Bubbles feat. Jean Curley
06 So Fresh feat. Talib Kweli
07 Nothin For Nothin feat. CL
08 Only One feat. Need Not Worry
09 Jag Jam Jazz
10 The World Outside In feat. Othello
11 Cheers feat. Asheru
12 Food For Thoughts feat. O.C.
13 Yin Stacks feat. Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples)
14 Velvet Ballads

for your soul... peeoples THIS is straight fire right here. the same people that remixed the antidotes - got rhymes, come out with a new album. now this is still news to me that this is not their first, so ima look for that first one. IIGHT?!? lmao.. 01

Friday, January 23, 2009

Suburban - Suburban

Suburban - Suburban
Release: 2008
Label: ???
Genre: chillout, hip hop, j hip hop

01 Secret Garden feat.TeN
02 Bookmarker feat. Shing02
03 We want, it shakes, it depends
04 Lotus
05 Alps feat. Capital
06 Kiss And Fly
07 Sky High feat. TeN
08 Summer Time (Beach Version)
09 Mendicant
10 Kei In Da feat. (Live Recording)
11 Summer Time (Sunset Version)
12 Suburban (3 time love)

for your ears...