Monday, February 2, 2009

A.Y.B. Force - Lost Breaks

A.Y.B. Force - Lost Breaks
Release: 2006
Label: P-Vine JP
Genre: downtempo, breaks

01 Doyouwannasee!?
02 Last Nite Was Da Nite
03 Asanova
04 Sunshine Hair
05 Going, Going, Gone
06 Merry-Go-Round
07 Ultazz
08 A.Y.Boogaloo
09 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 1
10 Breaking Point
11 Wild Pitch
12 Carioca Moon
13 From Darkside
14 Hardboiled
15 Giant Swing
16 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 2
17 Endless Dawn
18 Musica Camp

great sounds and breaks from the ayb force trio. a little old but classic, lots of classic sound in this one. chek it out..especially hardboiled. thats a song you can definately break too, one of my personal favs.

for your ears...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much dude, ive been looking for music from them but they are very hard to find, thanks again. =D


Anonymous said...

wow man, you're amazing. i googled you and you came up. keep up the love.

Anonymous said...

You're sickhead.
Thanks for this, I can't tell you how hard it was to find this, peace man.

Anonymous said...

Cleanest, freshest beat I've heard in a while...thank you