Friday, November 28, 2008

Eccy - Floating Like Incense

Eccy - Floating Like Incense
Release: 2007
Label: ???
Genre: j-hip hop

01 Intro
02 帝都 feat.メシアtheフライ
03 Sugar Lazed
04 嘘のセメント feat.Candle
05 Night Therapy
06 ユウフク feat.オロカモノポテチ,サイプレス上野
07 A Castle Town
08 Blue Bird Classic feat.haiiro,Y.O.G
09 Whisper Words Of Love
10 Ultimate High feat.Shing02
11 Butterfly Garden Pt.2
12 Simple Walker feat.抹,Atom
13 The Daybreak feat.Cinnabom
14 Monochrome Searchlight feat.The Reservoir Voxx
15 Road Novel feat.清野栄一

oo nice font

for your ears..


Jin-Luna Seaux said...

dope shit!!!!

O-Mocha said...

Thanks so much, I've been wanting to hear more eccy ever since he remixed Shing02 + KK's "Lift The Fog Up"