Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pat D - Take A Little Time

Pat D - Take A Little Time
Release: 2008
Label: A Bridge Too Far Recordings
Genre: jazzy hip hop

01 Intro
02 Relax Your Mind (feat. Melodiq)
03 Laisse Couler L'encere (faet. Fisto & Elodie Rama)
04 Retrospection (feat. Efeks)
05 Need Me Around (feat. Lauren Jade)
06 In Control (feat. Melodiq & Lady Paradox)
07 Fly Away (feat. Voice)
08 Moments (feat. Lady Paradox & Lauren Jade)
09 Good Times (feat. Eva Lazarus)
10 Come Along (feat. Melodiq)
11 Joint Thoughts (feat. Lady Paradox)
12 Peace (feat. Sene)
13 Silly Head (feat. Lauren Jade)
14 Rockin' With The Best (feat. Melodiq)

--sorry yall for not bein up like i used to, had a few problems in the real world lol...

--im also bein lazy with the uppin this time, its rapidshare so jus deal with it

for your ears...

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Anonymous said...

dope shit dude

hey man, you know REAL music

keep up the good work

and just know that one homie is following your posts faithfully