Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds
Release: 1961
Label: Prestige
Genre: Jazz

01 The Plum Blossom
02 Blues For The Orient
03 Chinq Miau
04 Don't Blame Me
05 Love Theme From 'Spartacus'
06 Snafu
07 Purple Flower
08 Love Theme From 'The Robe'
09 The Three Faces Of Balal

///note// Nujabes sampled 2 of these tracks..Can you tell me which?? dun dun DUNNN
if you think you know, answer in the comments//

for your ears...


Anonymous said...

Sample : "love theme frome the robe" for "Feather"

jop said...

thx a lot for this one...classic

greetings from italy